Monday, March 21, 2011


"So... I guess that's your accomplice there in the wood chipper?"

Oh how I love this thing... We've started on the dead tree "carcasses" and so far, the bed of the truck is about two-thirds full of wood chips. I have no shortage of places that need mulch, starting with my newly pruned fruit trees, and around my clay oven, Sunny, so it definitely won't go to waste. We have massive piles of tree branches to chip, and lots of stuff too big for the chipper but not big enough to mill into dimensional lumber. It will need to be cut up with the chainsaw and used for firewood. This afternoon, I used the tow strap and hooked one of the biggest logs to the truck and dragged it down the driveway and parked it out of the way. I think I came within an inch of backing the truck into it the other day. Not something I wanted to have to 'splain to Greg...

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  1. I'm predicting 4-5 truckloads full before we are done with everything to be chipped. Also chipped up some apple wood and hickory for using in the smoker. Chewbarka does good work!