Friday, April 29, 2011

Last Firing of Sunny 1.0

It's Friday night, windy as all get out, and we're firing Sunny for the last time. Tomorrow the plan is to tear it apart and pour a concrete countertop on top of the cinder blocks, then put a surface-bonding cement coating over the cinder block foundation. The countertop will be stained with a spray on stain. We've been wanting to try out stained concrete on a project and this will give us a chance to see if we like it. I'm thinking we will. The cinderblocks with the stucco coating will be painted the color of the trim on the house, and with any leftover stain, we will probably put a bit on the actual new clay oven so it will blend with the countertop. It should be really pretty.

Here's a video Greg made tonight.

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